The Morning Stroll


I’m Britt.


My hiding place is a bubble bath with an episode of Friends playing on my laptop. I take a bath, like, every day of my life. I rarely take showers. Some people find that weird; I don't care.

I love to cook risotto and venison stroganoff, my husband's favorite foods. I love wine. Love. Wine. (Non-sweet) German whites are my favorites at the moment. German wines don't get enough attention; they should get more.

I live for picnics on the Potomac, Sunday brunches with girlfriends, my family's Christmas Eve oyster stew, Brie, big bowls of buttered pasta, cozy sweaters, and my morning cold-brew coffee. I love to talk to my mom and nana, pretty much daily.

Checking the mail is something I get way too excited about. And the greatest thing I can do with my day, seriously, is make my one-year-old giggle. Ah, the sweetest sound in the universe.

I grew up in southwest Virginia before going to college. Once I graduated, I moved to Northern Virginia to pursue a career in proposal writing.  It wasn’t my ideal career (I originally wanted to be a writer/editor for some glitzy NYC magazine), but it fulfilled the base requirements of my love of writing and grammar and, most importantly, it paid my bills. Since I've decided to stay home to take care of our daughter, I've found a wonderful medium doing proposal consulting.

Now it’s a little over six years, seven apartments, eleven roommates, 78 pole dance classes, and 3,271 glasses of wine later (but who’s counting, really?), and I’m a mom to the most beautiful baby girl and a wife to the most amazing man I know. And I’ve never been happier. 

This is about my journey through motherhood and marriage in the D.C. area, and everything else in between, like cooking, restaurants, awesome baby stuff, thoughts, wine, etc. I've been published on Scary Mommy, Mogul, and Mamalode. While I would like to ask you to come along on my journey, I have no intention of saying, "This is how this should be done." I know I'm as good a parent to your child as you are to mine, and every family has unique circumstances. But I do hope to offer some thoughts and experiences that are easily relatable.

Happy Reading!


Photo by © {beth} a-dilly photography