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10 Ways My Body Changed Since Giving Birth

December 17, 2015

It's been almost eight months since I gave birth, and I've noticed a myriad of bodily changes. Most have actually been easy to move past; some things, I'd like to change back. But I think having insecurities is a healthy part of being human, and there is power in ackowledging them and being happy despite them.

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Here are a few of my personal post-pregnancy bodily changes:

1. Though it has pretty much shrunk back to its pre-pregnancy size, my belly is still soft and squishy. My husband actually really loves it, and my baby squeezes it. It brings joy to all.

2. My boobs are bigger and filled with milk. For the first month, they were huge and somewhat painful and inconvenient, but now it's very cool.

3. My butt is smaller. It just kind of sunk in a little bit. I did read, though, that when you are breastfeeding, breastmilk is made of fat and your body pulls from gluteal fat first, so maybe that's it? I'm really hoping it returns once I'm done breastfeeding her. I miss my butt.

4. My right eye twitched daily from June through October. It was the lack of sleep, I'm sure. I've either adjusted or am getting more sleep, and this has stopped.

5. My hair started to fall out around two and a half months, especially around my hairline. At about eight months now, I think it's back to shedding normally and finally growing back. I have baby hairs everywhere.

6. I am more muscular, especially my arms. Of course, lifting 20+ pounds, like, ten billion times daily would result in this. I am so strong and proud of myself.

7. I won't go into major details, but using the bathroom, from about the fourth week after birth until literally two weeks ago (7 months) was torture. The doctor prescribed some medicine but it didn't really help. I made some adjustments to my diet, though. I stopped eating all meat but fish, cut down heavily on my pasta and bread consumption, and I eat oatmeal (with flaxseed and raw honey) religiously every morning. I honestly was starting to think that this would just be my life now, and I'd have to get used to it, but within the last few weeks, the whole bathroom experience has become exponentially better. 

8. The linea nigra, that little dark line that goes down the center of your belly, stuck around for a while. It faded around four months after.

9. I am clumsier. This must have to do with gaining all that excess weight and being totally off balance for a few months, and then shedding all that weight in another few months, making me off balance again. Sometimes I still totally trip over my own feet, just like when I was pregnant.

10. OMG. So many freckles. I've always had some freckles, especially in the summer. But in the three months after I gave birth, I definitely had more freckles than I have ever had. Estrogen and progesterone stimulate melanin and can make freckles bigger and bolder. 

11. BONUS: It's difficult to fart now.

There you have it. Pregnancy and birth change your body in ways you never imagined. Honestly, though, I feel so much more confident than I did before I had a baby. And, while some changes definitely take some adjustment and are by no means "easy" to experience or "superficial," they are miniscule in comparison to my daughter. 


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