The Morning Stroll

A Floral First Birthday

May 8, 2016

Our daughter's first birthday (I am happy but, if you can't find me later, I am sobbing in a corner; they seriously grow so fast!) was this past week and we celebrated yesterday, the day before Mother's Day.

We wanted to make sure it was an intimate and not overwhelming gathering, so we only had 11 people total. We also had it in our home as it's a familiar, comfortable place. We had lots of food and drinks: crudités (mushrooms, mini-cucumbers, sweet red peppers, endive, radishes, cherry tomatoes), green goddess dip, tzatziki, ajvar (roasted red pepper and eggplant dip), suho meso (smoked beef), spinach and cheese pita (pie), brie, swiss, cevapcici (little sausages), Terra chips, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, varied macarons, wine, beer, and Italian sodas for the non-drinkers. And of course cake :) Two rosette cakes filled with devil's chocolate. One with ombre peach icing, the other solid pink.

The only real decor we had were tissue paper flowers I made and hung around our mirror and fresh flowers in Mason jars (how basic, I know). An event doesn't really need lots of elaborate decorations to be beautiful. I wanted to keep it easy, simple, and fresh, and it turned out better than I imagined.

Our daughter received amazing gifts from our family and friends. And it wouldn't be a first birthday in 2016 without a cake smash, which ended surprisingly badly, as she got really upset with all the attention on her. Once we took her out of the high chair, she was instantly happy again, just playing with tissue paper. Ah, the little things...