The Morning Stroll

One Year

June 12, 2016

You are all of it

All of the happiness, goodness, grace

My forgiveness, my redemption, my salvation, my peace

You are so much of myself

But you are also you

A wailing, tearful, teethy tantrum

A snuggly, softly breathing night

Tiny fingers poking at my mouth

Milk dribbling out of yours

Little hands pinching my arms

Little, clammy feet digging into my thighs

These are our years

You propel forward. How could you not?

I propel you

And then I sit, silent, in this stillness

As I, too, grow up

Every day now is not like every day before

Every day now is new

You are always changing

And I am your constant, yet ever-changing too

My heart shatters and it sings

Because I know, one day, you will outgrow me

But I will never outgrow you