The Morning Stroll

Taste of August - Schäfer-Fröhlich Blanc de Noir Trocken 2014

August 31, 2015

When I walked into our local wine shop, Unwined, and I saw this German wine delicately displayed by itself on a wooden rack toward the front, I knew there was something...different about it. From its just-barely-rose-gold-colored hue to its cryptic title, Blanc de Noir (translated literally, it means white of black), I felt enticed. Provoked, even. This wine needed me, and I needed it.

Schäfer-Fröhlich Blanc de Noir Trocken 2014

Blanc de Noir is created by using a red grape (in this case, Pinot Noir) to make a white wine, thus its beautiful and unique rose gold color. Many people think that only red grapes can make red wine; however, it is actually the skin of red grapes, specifically, that makes the wine red. Without the skin (which holds most of that reddish pigmentation), they produce white wine. 

This is similar to how rose or blush wine is made. Rose wines typically have longer contact with the grape skins before undergoing the remainder of their fermentation, leading to those lovely pink and magenta hues. You can tell that this Blanc de Noir had minimal contact with the grape skins, lending to its greyish rose gold.

At first sip, you will notice warm and slightly creamy berry and floral notes. Those are followed up with similar strawberry and light flower flavors, along with honey.

The unique thing about this wine in particular, other than the fact that only 400 cases were made, is that it has the qualities of all types of wine: red, white, and rose. It has the richness and fruit-forward flavors of the red grape from whence it came. It has the body and creaminess of a full-bodied white wine, like Chardonnay. And it has the berry characteristics of a rose. This makes it a universally good choice for food pairings. It could pair nicely with fish and seafood, pork, strawberries and chocolate, or cheeses and crackers. 

Personnally, my favorite way to drink it is in the bath tub with a slice of chocolate cake, but my choices are my own.