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Taste of November: 2014 Avinyo Petillant Vi D'Agulla Blanc

November 7, 2015

This wine is special. You can just taste it from the very first sip.

2014 Avinyo Petillant Vi D'Agulla Blanc

As demonstrated on the bottle, its name literally means "wine with a prickle" in Catalan, and that's the perfect descriptor for this fresh and vibrant dry white. Beyond its toasty nose, it is mouth-puckeringly acidic with a bubbly spark of lemon, sour green apple, and minerals. It's fitting that this wine is produced by a Catalonian wine producer, Avinyo, who specializes in Cava. 

A mixture of muscat and macabeu grapes, this wine is fermented first in stainless steel and then undergoes a secondary fermentation of the Charmat method. In the traditional method of producing sparkling wine (possibly better known as the Champagne method), a wine would go through its first fermentation in a barrel or tank, as mentioned, and then its secondary fermentation in-bottle. But with the Charmat method, the wine is placed in a pressurized tank, where sugar and yeast is added. Because the CO2 produced cannot escape, it creates delightful little bubbles. 

It is mildly carbonated, perfectly straddling the line between a lovely, acidic, citrus-y summery white wine, and a celebratory, bubbly sparkling wine. If Sauvignon Blanc and Cava had a baby, I think this would be it.

When I drank this a few nights ago, I immediately thought of how perfect it would be with seafood, specifically scallops or oysters on the half shell. And I admit, November is not the ideal drinking month generally for a wine as bright as this. But with the weather we've been having this past week in Northern Virginia (75 degrees+), I have to make an exception. It's worth it.